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Use MyTattoo App to Get bold and make your statement with around 1100+ Tattoos catalog with iOS 8 Compatible App myTattoo is the app which will enable you to create and share your tattoo inked image to your friends and family. We have studied in details the features required for inking tattoos in easiest way using your iPhone/iPod/in your device.18. Crown19. Fairy20. Heart21. Rose22. Tribal More categories follows in next upgrade soon Instructions to ink Tattoo: 1. Select photo from photo library or capture it through Camera.2. Select the tattoos from 16 different categories. more categories are coming in upgrade 3. Select the tattoo you like, move the tattoo to desired position on picture. you can select multiple tattoo s also 4. Options are available for removing/adding and moving tattoo/text/image, you also can zoom in/out image by using image zoom in/out button.5. To express yourself you some times requires text with tattoo, you can place the text which match your statement with selection of font,style and color options.6. To rotate tattoo and text you need to use two fingers and then move the selected object on screen at desired position.7. Save tattoo to your picture gallery and also share it through email ,Twitter and Facebook using options on screen.8. Check multiple Image effects with different colors.9. See your new look with before after preview.- Download My Tattoo app today!Leave a Reply Cancel replyIf you have already started to look around for tattoo prices, I would hazard a guess that your already thinking about getting a lower quality tattoo to match the money you have available. I would advise you to stop right there and consider that this piece of artwork is going.Tattoos in one form or another have been with us since the beginning of civilization and since then the processes involved in removing tattoos have grown to include the use of tattoo removal cream. Tattoo removal creams comprise of skin bleaching compounds which fade the tattoo.

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