Stainless Steel tattoo machine RTJQ-5005

Modern tattoo machines have several basic components:A sterilized needleA tube system, which draws the ink through the machineAn electric motorA foot pedal, like those used on sewing machines, which controls the vertical movement of the needle.ContentsOutlining 3D%3D /%EditOutlining or black work uses a single-tipped needle and a thin ink. The artist begins by creating a permanent line over a stencil. Most start at the bottom right side and work up lefties generally start on the left side so they don t smear the stencil when cleaning excess ink from the permanent line.Shading 3D%3D /%EditAfter cleaning the area with soap and water, the artist uses a thicker ink and a variety of needles to create an even, solid line. Improper technique during this step can cause shadowed lines, excessive pain and delayed healing.Coloring 3D%3D /%EditThe artist then cleans the tattoo and overlaps each line of color to ensure solid, even hues with no holidays — uneven areas where color has lifted out during healing or where the artist missed a section of skin.Bandaging 3D%3D /%EditAfter using a disposable towel to remove any blood and plasma, the artist covers the tattoo with a sterile bandage. Some bleeding always occurs during tattooing, but most stops within a few minutes.Оставить комментарий3 лет 11 месяцев тому назадBIOHAZARD. Ти повністю правий. Якщо він такий сміливий, може хай якось справжньму УКРАЇНЦЮ ЦЕ СКАЖЕ.Наприклад я сприймаю його слова як особисту образу. А якщо у людини немає належної культури спілкування, йому вже ніщо не допоможе. Знаєтє читаю і плачу. А що особисто вам зробили українці. І чим вам так насолила наша держава. Мені соромно читати такі коментарі. де хоч найменша капля поваги. Всі ми люди, кожен патріот своєї країни, нащо обсирати. Things You ll NeedHold your tattoo machine so the coils are at eye level. Press down on the armature bar and see if the front coil top touches the armature bar as it comes down before the rear coil makes a connection with the bar. If it does not, or if they hit at the same time, you need to adjust and shim your coils. Shims can be purchased from a tattoo supply or hardware, and will raise the coil so that the front bar touches the armature just before the rear coil. The standing gap between the front coil and the armature bar when not moving should be about the thickness of a dime, or 1 mm.Remove the retaining bar on the contact screw on the top back of the tattoo machine. Adjust the speed of the machine by turning to to the left to make it slower, which is preferable for lining, or to the right for faster if it is adjusted too slow. If your machine has a volt reading around 6 volts is preferred for lining speed. Replace the retaining bar on the screw.Adjust the spring tension to make a shorter or longer stroke. This controls the needle stroke, and a medium, short, stronger stroke is what you are looking for in heavier work like lining.Lay out the tube, the blister pack needle, and rubber bands. Tattoo needles for lining should be pointed needles, not flat.Put on the latex gloves before handling the sterile machine pieces. Open the sleeve the tube is in and place it on the work area. The work area should be covered by a clean, disposable cloth.Open the blister pack with the sterile needle in. Make a slight bend in the needle so that there will be tension when it s mounted in the machine. Not a corner bend, just a slight curve.Slide the needle into the tube, so that the curve is facing back towards the machine. Mount the hook end of the needle over the pin on the machine and set it in place.Wrap the rubber band around the needle arm and around the back of the machine to increase the tension on the needle. Turn the machine on and adjust the speed according to the type of lining you will be doing. Heavier lining should have a bit more speed and depth than fine lining.

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